Never invite me to Prague and please, don’t mention “Ukrainian” ever again.

Sarah Moon Photo

Sarah Moon Photo

There are some tales so entwined in other stories
that it is nearly impossible to know where to begin.

You can take it by the end

that appears to be the beginning              only to realize half way through

that you were nowhere                        near the point of departure

                                                but more so at a culminating point that is only critical to you.

Geographical markers can be useful in figuring out


                                                                         where things went wrong,

but then again “where” is probably irrelevant to others.



will always be the city

                                 where I was damaged in such a deep, lasting way that

just hearing the name makes me

                                                                                                 wince like a naughty child getting the belt

                            three years later.


    • pivoine68

      Thanks My Jayne. It’s another Sarah Moon photo of a photo. I go crazy at photo expositions if they let me take pictures! The quality isn’t great but I like blurry so it’s ok by me!

      Happy Sunday Bisous, (I loathe Sundays but maybe you don’t!)

    • pivoine68

      I agree, Prague really is a beautiful city…but I’ve come a long way. For nearly a year, I couldn’t stand to hear about any former Eastern Block country.
      Thanks for the compliment!


  1. workspousestory

    Oh… that is quite interesting, how places last in our memories, in good, bad way, make us excited or apprehensive…. shame that’s how you remember this city, but we cannot chose that, can we?

    • pivoine68

      It’s odd. Even just the name of a place can have a nightmarish quality that seems really tenacious in it’s creepiness. I think at some point, I’ll make friends with Prague again…it really is lovely.


  2. TheOthers1

    Mercy! And I’m very curious as to what has happened. Intriguing bit of poetic mystery here. I understand though. There are places that bring forth unpleasant memories. Russia has a similar (though far milder) effect on me.

    • pivoine68

      Now that I’ve created a mild intrigue, I’m all dressed up with no where to go. No where I can go? Not yet. Thanks honey.

      Communist Bisous,

  3. H.H.

    I see the tags. My heart goes out to you every time I read “self hatred.” Please don’t. Self-love.

  4. Theo Black

    This is intriguing. You must follow up. I like your observation that when you start telling a story yourealize that’s not the true beginning. This could be the start of an entire book, following up on Prague, and what it really means.

  5. Pete Armetta

    Ohhh that nasty Prague. Funny how we associate places and times with events in our lives and things that happen in our relationships. I love how you present this here, it’s haunting really.

    • pivoine68

      Boo! Did you jump?

      You are right, it’s silly to attach so much importance to little details….
      Thanks for listening and Happy Sunday.

      Frightening Bisous,

  6. Hyacinth

    I hate that you were hurt so, sweet, beautiful Dawn. It wasn’t because of you, you know. It was because of him. You didn’t deserve that pain. I love you. xx Hy

    • pivoine68

      Probably it was because of me. I’m really flawed.

      I love you Hy. I feel like an asshole because I’m way behind on your story. I think of you every day. Honestly.

      Mille baisers,

  7. Marian Green

    It’s strange when an innocent place is completely tainted by a memory. I’ve done this. It was ten years before I could return. You’re amazing my dear. Amazing.

  8. Ink. [Anette]

    I thought I understood, okay, and then I see “russian bitch” in the tags. Hmmm… maybe I need another cup of coffee. Love your choice of imagery (in general). Moon… brightest between dusk and dawn.

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