Bill Tong, Bang My Gong

*My heartfelt thanks goes out to sacha1nch1 for making it possible for me to write this…I have a Link Disorder that he is helping me though. I really appreciate it.

You, Dearest Reader, may be asking yourself, “What is a Bill Tong?” Well, that depends on who you ask. In the Wikipedia, “biltong” is defined as:

a kind of cured meat that originated in South Africa. Many different types of meat are used to produce it, ranging from beef through game meats to fillets of ostrich from commercial farms. It is typically made from raw fillets of meat cut into strips following the grain of the muscle, or flat pieces sliced across the grain. It is similar to beef jerky.

I know about another Bill Tong. He is a French photographer and his kind of meat seems to be curing my Summertime Blues. I am not really a big porn fan. In/out/in/out does not always get me riled up. Sometimes it does but I think the sound effects are usually irritating, plus the scenario is often painfully predictable. At least that was what I was thinking  until recently. I do really like erotic photography. I especially enjoy Bill Tong’s erotic photography. It is raw. It makes me want to jerk the strips following the grain of his muscle. It makes me squirm and long to…well, yuno. When I look at his work, my body seems to jolt just below the surface and I start to get this fogged-up, warm feeling that makes giving myself a full, hands-on check-up intensely necessary. So that is what I do. If you feel like it, do the same. Like a nice gift to yourself. I’m sure you will thank me for it!


  1. sacha1nch1

    well thank you for the thank you, dawn! i look forward to all the places you’ll now be linking to……….however…….the link to my place doesn’t work…..i simply have no have words……i’ll have to blame the teacher……

  2. Theo Black

    Really raw. I think some of it works because it’s so jerky and blurred that it looks unplanned, and it becomes shockingly intimate. Feels kind of like I’m being assaulted myself, just by looking at them.

    • pivoine68

      See Théo, all of your education shows. I was wondering what it was exactly that I loved about Bill Tong’s photography. Why it disturbs and arouses me at the same time…and voilà you have hit the nail on the Head, no pun intended.

      It has a dreamy, drunken feeling I am quite familiar with. A sort of coming in and out of consciousness and your eyes fixing on a scene. I love him. Glad you liked it my friend.

      Porn Bisous,

      • Hyacinth

        Yes, exactly. It looks like something I’d snap, or you’d snap, and it’s that rawness that’s so appealing and voyeuristic. It’s not over styled.

  3. workspousestory

    Oh, I looooove those photos. Gorgeous, beautiful, hot. Really capture that *something*. Seconding Theo’s comment too, about them being very intimate.

  4. Ink. [Anette]

    I like the more suggestive ones. Many of his photos are true artworks, beautifully composed, great colours. Dreamy, poetic, sensual. Thanks for sharing Dawn.

  5. AR

    I really can’t wait to look…but am always at work when on the computer, darn! This weekend maybe. Very catchy title, though- funny story, waking up pre-dawn this morning I found myself whispering “Bill Tong, Bang My Gong” for unknown reasons. Thought you should know you affected my sleeping brain 😉

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