1. Nick

    The closer you look at nature, the more you think ‘Wow – how does it do this stuff?’.
    And keep getting it right.
    In so many different ways.
    In such balance with its neighbours, its environment.

    And what do we bring to the party?
    Global warming.
    Bulldozed rainforest.
    Species loss at the sort of rate last seen 65 million years ago when dinosaurs and lots of other things got the wrong end of a large chunk of rock hitting the wrong sort of geology somewhere near Mexico.


    • pivoine68

      A cork screw? Paper plates? Our own insecurities?
      I could go on and on. Seems like everything is perfect in the universe except mankind.


    • pivoine68

      She does great stuff. There are a bunch of photographers here that I really like…I was happy to see she is on WP. That way I can share her.

      Big Bisous Sophia!

      PS: Looks like you aren’t sleeping either! 😦

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