Sarah Moon Photo

Fairly attractive, middle-aged married woman seeks moderation in most domains.
All offers will be considered. 

She had never imagined that her own self-hatred would prove to be so tenacious, so relentless. As a younger women she used to believe that if she tried hard enough she could eventually convince herself that her very presence was actually necessary. She wished that she could want attainable things, dream of lives that exist in the real world. Although she was quite intelligent, she would have preferred stupidity. She was certain that ignorance was bliss. Her intellect, subtle handicap, merely allowed her to see with startling clairvoyance her own short-comings. At times, words fell down from her brain and out of her mouth like a torrential rainstorm. She also knew a mutisme colder than death in which the words seemed to freeze inside her, unable to break the ice and spill out.


    • pivoine68

      Why? Just kidding. Thanks H.H. Nice to hear from you. This post was not finished and I wanted to put it in “drafts” but I screwed something up. Now I feel like I was caught with my panties down! LOL!


  1. Fatal


    Your presence is very necessary. Unfinished or not, I like the post, and understand the sentiment in it, even if I dislike that you might feel this way. Love and Kisses, my sweet.


  2. jayne ayres

    I always ponder evry shadow of mine – it doesn’t mean I live in them. and…I once heard “You’re as sick as your secrets” from a friend who I GUESS was in AA – whatever – the saying is deep. I have always preferred to talk about things rather than ignore, dismiss or hide them. It strengthens me. love to you Dawn!

  3. sexuallifeofawife

    Ah Dawn that’s so sad! I understand how you feel. I don’t think I will ever have half the brains that you have and yet I have always been able to see my own shortcomings…
    Now I have come to terms with them though…

  4. Theo Black

    There’s something I really like about these vintage photos you put up. I keep thinking I must have been there lifetimes ago, or my grandfather was there, or maybe that’s my grandmother before she became respectable.

    • pivoine68

      I love them too…Sara Moon and Brassaï. I love photography in general, I have tons of cool links I like and not enough computer competency to share them with you.

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