Get on Your Knees

On my knees,
Humble posture of worship.
Clever genuflection,
Turning the other cheek. (both really.)
Imploring your pardon,
Begging for a certain form of deliverance,
That you will release me
From myself.

I am my own offering
To you. Nail me
To my own cross.
For sins I know nothing of.

I want to be inhabited by
Your spirit…
To know l’Extase de Sainte Thérèse de Bernini,
Melting like a communion wafer
On your tongue.

For now, all I have is faith.
I guess it will be enough.


    • pivoine68

      I always get this anxious feeling once I have posted something and it becomes far too clear that there are so many other things to say, otherwise. Thanks for liking it anyway. You RULE!


  1. Gillian Colbert

    Oh, how I have missed your erotic word play.Like a ribbon across my skin ….

    love you,

  2. Hyacinth

    Dawn, my love, your words are some of the most beautiful, tender, and gut wrenching that I have ever read. If I could evoke half of what you do in my writings, I would feel accomplished. xx Hy

    • pivoine68

      Oh Hy!
      In French they say, “Je n’arrive même pas à ta cheville.” which means and it’s so true…I don’t even come close to writing as beautifully as you do.( I don’t even come to your ankle.) That makes your compliment even more special to me. You evoke so much more. You are accomplished and you are free.


      • Hyacinth

        I guess we’re both deluded then: you in thinking you only come to my ankle and me thinking you’re more evocative than me 🙂 xx Hy

  3. Nick

    You write beautifully.
    I never fail to find your poetry moving, with undercurrents of things I don’t quite understand.

    • pivoine68

      To be honest Nick, I don’t quite understand either! Thanks for taking the time to read my scribbling. Maybe between the two of us, we can figure it all out.


    • pivoine68

      wait…I have to look up sybarite. I was in Rome recently and I saw that sculpture of Saint Theresa and I said to myself immediately, “Either there is a hand under her dress or she has indulged in some fancy sex toy!”

      (am going straight to hell, will not pass go)

      Bisous Benediction,

      • Theo Black

        A sybarite is a person like you. And if the nuns were here, they would apply a ruler to your backside, for talkingthat way about St. Theresa.

  4. Pete Armetta

    I totally relate to this as I quite desperately talk to God probably way more than I should. I mean does he have to time to keep listening to the same thing from me? haha j/k on that. I love the humility and sincerity here. Really hits the spot.

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