Faux et Usage de Faux II

She didn’t wear her sexuality on her sleeve like a cheap carnation corsage from a disastrous Prom Night. That place had already been taken by her unusually strong need to please everyone around her. Her sexual nature didn’t spill out much, like a heavy breast might accidentally slip out of a decadently low-cut dress.

What a pity really because all one would have to do to discover it would be to simply scratch the surface…a ribbon of skin gingerly removed from a day-old sunburn, a finger carefully drawing a heart on the fogged-up window in the train.

She didn’t want to be had. She had already been had far too many times before. She wanted to be wanted.

(Damn! I’ve been had!)


  1. Bluesander

    Metaphor heavy…and so full of this furious emotion.
    This is probably my first time reading your writing arranged in regular prose rather than poetic prose – and I must say I’m enchanted.

    • pivoine68

      Hi! I already replied to your comment in a hotel and now I’m home and it’s not here…sorry! Thanks for the compliment! I was wondering, can I call you Dora? I love that idea but if you hate it, just let me know. 🙂


  2. Hyacinth

    This is NOT me: Her sexual nature didn’t spill out much, like a heavy breast might accidentally slip out of a decadently low-cut dress. I am the sexpot in the potato sack, but I’ve wanted to be like her most of my life.

    • pivoine68

      My Hy, Sweeter than Pie,

      I’d rather have it spill out…at least that would be honest. I’m the biggest fraud ever.


      PS: Sorry I’m so snail-like in my response, I was on a little vacation and kept getting no internet. ( I felt like screaming. Life with an iPhone must be better!)

  3. Theo Black

    This is so good. Your could start a story this way. You ought to take this “she” and put her in a situation where she wants something from somebody, and see what she does, what happens next.

    • pivoine68

      I like that idea. I read on here somewhere that more people would be likely to read posts that are 500 words or under. (I think C.C. wrote that. ?) I never really know how to stop myself. Come to think of it, that goes for lots of things in my life. 🙂


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