That Moment

King Of the Jungle

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      As I was getting ready this morning in the soft light of the bathroom, your presence was at first barely noticeable to me. I get so concentrated on my hair, my lipstick…but when your breath fell heavily on the back of my neck, causing my spine to arch with involuntary pleasure and every little pore on my body to rise,  when your nimble fingers removed my silly little bra like one might swat away a pesky fly and you cupped my breasts for a moment, yes, I knew you there alright.

You were like a mighty lion going in for the kill. I purred as your hands stroked my ass, your hardness pressing violently into my thigh. There was a lapse of time where I kept on fading in and out of  consciousness, or maybe just changing modes of consciousness to be exact. Your strong hands suddenly gripped my ass and as you would have opened an apricot on a spring day, with strength and infinite kindness, you opened me up. There was a cool breeze on a hot snatch and it was at That Moment that this thought occurred to me. It is the reason I am now writing these words.

If I could capture an instant in a glass jar and keep it with me in every circumstance, if I could save just one small second out of my life and then take it out when I was feeling down, just one moment stolen out of the ruthless hands of time….

It is not The Before Time, although I do love that time. Nor The During Time, always such a thrusting, pounding pleasure. Not The Aftermath either, it can be honey sweet sometimes, most definitely.  No, the second that I love the very most in this whole big world, that I wish I could crystallize into a sugar cube I would keep in my pocket is the second when you are just a tiny centimeter inside me. There is no greater good I can think of. I guess because it is a second charged with expectations of what is about to come. (me!) It is a second that makes me cry because I find it incredibly touching, this coming together, being one.

I was also thinking that in life, it’s always the things the most banal that are  also the most shocking. Millions of people are born yet a newborn is a miracle, every time. Everything dies yet when it strikes someone around you, it is completely  incomprehensible. When you slowly insert yourself, just the tip, it is an ordinary action…repeated throughout history by other humans and animals, bugs and fish, but to me, That Moment is the most uniquely beautiful one I can think of.


  1. Fatal

    Dawn, sometimes you are very much in my head. That is the best and most intense moment for me also. If only I could freeze frame time…

  2. thedomnextdoor

    My sugar cube is the moment when, right after Leigh asks permission to come, the entirety of her existence surges and she envelopes me completely in both the physical and spiritual sense.

    • pivoine68

      After I actually posted that I was thinking, it’s like “Time in a Bottle,” by Jim Croce (?) I loved that song when I was little. I think he has died so he probably won’t mind if I borrowed his image. If not… was accidental. Oops!

      Big Bisous Anette,

    • pivoine68

      Hi Sophia!

      It’s funny, when I wrote it I liked it and now it seems like I could have captured that moment better. Really I feel like rewriting most everything I’ve posted on here. Thanks for your compliment!!! I’m blushing now. 🙂


  3. Hyacinth

    This brought tears to my eyes. As I shore myself up for saying goodbye to a man who gives me dozens of sugar cubes I’m feeling like hoarding them. Brilliant, tender and sweet, my lovely friend. My favorite moment is when he pushes in to the hilt and my body stops his. It’s impossible to be physically closer than that. It makes my belly flip and tears spring to my eyes even typing that now.

    • pivoine68

      That is why you are so beautiful and special and lovable. He has no idea what he will be losing if that is what you decide.

      I’m sending you an email. I took a picture for you.


  4. Theo Black

    “Millions of people are born yet a newborn is a miracle, every time.” Very nice, the way you were able to use a sweet thought like that to create the sense of the particular sexual moment. I love this one.

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