Faux et Usage de Faux

People who don’t know her think that she’s shy. Maybe a bit like a dog who has been kicked in the ribs a few too many times. If you know her, you’d swear that she is amazingly forgiving, a regular Fountain of Mercy, but you’d be mistaken about that as well. Her timidity is a chosen persona among many others she could perpetuate, her kindness is innate but she forgives little if anything at all.

Just because she doesn’t yell does not mean she’s not angry.

Just because she asks nothing does not mean she doesn’t need so much more than you can give her.

Just because she does not look like a slut doesn’t mean she wouldn’t enjoy you fucking her like you have never fucked anyone else.


  1. TheOthers1

    That last paragraph. Money line.

    People always make the mistake of underestimating. Assumptions are dangerous. Great piece, Madame

    • pivoine68

      Merci Mon Amie!
      Like we say in Good ‘Ole English…assume makes an ass of you and me…ass, u, me. Do we still say that? I just did! Thanks C.C.


  2. Gillian Colbert

    “Just because she does not look like a slut doesn’t mean she wouldn’t enjoy you fucking her like you have never fucked anyone else.”

    Oh, hellz yeah!

    Loved this!

    • pivoine68

      Sometimes I think I should try to hide myself better in my writing…and then I say, “Fuck it!” LOL I’ve been missing you My Gillian, Erotic Twin, Soul Sister at Large!

      Bigger than Big Bisous,

      • Gillian Colbert

        Never hide! MIssing you too, love! You owe me an email *pouting*


  3. jayne ayres

    I love the undercurrent of your first sentencse. This reminds me of The Victorian Era- to me,one of the most scariest times in history because of all the fronts people had.

    Por favor, no entiendo “FAUX ET USAGE DE FAUX”. ?Como se dice en Ingles?
    (high school spanish is my second language)

    • pivoine68

      Hi Lady Jayne!
      I was going back and forth between that title and “Faux Semblant” and I finally decided on this one. It’s a penal (not dick, law!) term which I think more or less is like either fabricating false documents, using a false identity…I think it covers several things like that. I’m glad you liked it!


  4. Theo Black

    This is a curious piece of psychology. An unforgiving woman who has an innate persona of kindness. (Is that her?) I can’t tell whether to be interested or to run away.

    • pivoine68

      Theo, I am a curious psycological wreck…but I think one can be both kind and unforgiving. I’m sure of it really. Don’t run away! I’d miss you too much! Why did I have to approve this comment? That’s weird.

      Bisous Mr. Black with whom I never got drunk in high school. (not that I remember anyway!)


  5. Red Light Lady

    This is perfect. Honestly. It’s never wise to underestimate… or overestimate. You never know what a person is thinking… or desiring 😉 Great job!!!!!

  6. Hyacinth

    Aw, Dawn. Your words wrench my heart. Beautiful and sweet, aching. I sometimes feel this way, though I am not quiet. I wish I could trust enough to share. All my love, xx Hy

  7. Cruel

    Sweet Dawn, to be any less would not be human. To see it and know it divine. To be free from following emotions and expectations, yet be tortured by the truth of things is some what cruel. Keep your heart open and treat life like a dream


    • pivoine68

      I try Cruel although it is sometimes difficult to be constantly protecting oneself while keeping the heart open. Gives me something to occupy my time I guess. 🙂 Bisous,

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