Révolution de Velour

Est une belle ville
Où tu peux être trahi
Comme nulle part ailleur.

Prague is a place
Where my heart stopped
And has never fully recovered.
Not for your physical “going astray.”
That I understand all too well.
Fucking is after all only fucking…

More so the betrayal

Of loving someone else.

Is where you can begin
To count the seconds towards the end.


  1. Theo Black

    I can only imagine the betrayal, but this is painfully beautiful. “a beautiful city where you can be betrayed like nowhere else…” I haven’t been to Prague, but many people tell me it is lovely.

    • pivoine68

      Don’t forget how much I love you My Kyle, making me smile. Beauty makes way less difference than one might think. (myself included!!!LOL!)

      Bigger than average Bisous,

      • pivoine68

        Do you really think it matters? Less than I would have imagined.

        Hugest hug,

        PS/ My internet isn’t working…I’m stealing at my husband’s ex-wifes house…isn’t life f-ing incredible?!)

  2. Nick

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
    Even in elegant French, it hurts.
    No matter how pretty the background
    a dagger to the heart has the same effect.

    • pivoine68

      Somebody call me an ambulance! I’m better now…that was three years ago. Yesterday I was just having a drunken Sunday afternoon pity party. You should have come! It was quite festive.

      Bisous Sir,

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