Down Under

*I’ve decided to stop my series Raunchy Poems That Rhyme as a vast majority of my poetry is quite raunchy regardless of its assonance, consonance or alliteration.        hihi…look what I found in Wikipedia:

“Evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller hypothesizes that rhyme is a form of sexually selected handicap imposed on communication making poetry harder and more reliable as a signal of verbal intelligence and overall fitness.”

**I was yearning to dedicate this poem to my Australian friend diirrty but then the obvious hopelessness of our carnal union made me change my mind. I get my panties in a wad so easily!

Your exquisitely formed
And filled
On an Under Cover Mission
Down South
Down Under
The Equatorial Line
Of my bed.

Your mouth, teeth, lips,
Beautiful tongue
Revisiting regions
Taking a plunge
Playful teeth
Sometimes hands
Travelling South
To Nether Lands.

Off to a warm, humid place
What a splendid tour
On your clean-shaven

Like I told my friend Kyle Mew
Nothing rhymes with cunnilingus.
Nothing even comes close.


  1. Gillian Colbert

    haha … LOVED this …

    As for rhymes with cunnilingus …I’d disagree

    always brings us
    closer together.

    a lingual fuss
    between my nether lips

    You can make it work .. IMHO ‘-)

    • pivoine68

      I saw this movie that I loved not too long ago called “2 Days in New York” and there is a guy in it named “Mingus.” I laughed hysterically every time I heard that. It’s fairy easily to make me crack up. A no-brainer really! LOL.

      Big Kiss,

    • pivoine68

      Thank you Sexiest Diirrty, for giving me inspiring thoughts and helping me get through the day. It’s yours…the dedication. Nothing is really impossible anyway.

      Grosses bises,

  2. diirrty

    Ok, I’ve come back for another read. You knew that you’d have this effect on me right?
    Nothing rhymes with cunnilingus but that’s ok…. my mouth is too busy with other matters to worry about speaking at that point. 😉

  3. jayne ayres

    THE makers of wine… I was laughing and not caring about spelling as I typed

    cunnilingus is so much sweeter than his fingus I’m leaving now!!!!

    • pivoine68

      There is a chance for fungus…happens in places no one uses much. (my sad fate!)
      That was a joke…about fungus anyway. (I think I’ll go look!)


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