1. Hyacinth

    Dawn, don’t apologize! You’re allowed to feel this way. We just hate that you do because we want you to feel differently. But you don’t owe us any apologies. Fuck, I feel like that just about every other day lately 🙂 xx Hy

  2. Gillian Colbert

    I’m with, Hy. No apologies for what you write … ever. Writing is about expression not pleasing people.

    So much is false
    Not much is true
    But how you react
    is totally up to you

    Stay strong, keep moving
    it’s how you continue improving

    Remember … there’s always
    a new dawn on the horizon.

    • pivoine68

      This post makes me pressured to come up with a new one. I’d hate for someone to read this one think that anger is all I have to offer, yuno? You two are right, you should never apologize for how you feel. How you react to your own feelings, oui. What you decide to do with them. (drowning them in white wine is effective up to a certain point… (: )

      Thanks My Gillian.

      Gros bisous,

  3. Theo Black

    John Lennon agrees:
    The eagle picks my eye
    The worm he licks my bones
    I feel so suicidal
    Just like Dylan’s Mr. Jones
    Lonely wanna die
    If I ain’t dead already
    Ooh girl you know the reason why.

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