In my own
Early morning dew,

Long lingering fingers
Lavishly lubricated
Lighting my own fire
Liquefied lust
Losing hold
Letting go
Lunar lithium girl
Lying down
Lying to myself
For a fleeting moment
Approaching carnal rapture
I almost believe
I love me.


    • pivoine68

      I found you! Oops, I’d better wash my hair, stop loving myself and get with the program! I hadn’t approved you yet…funny, I thought we were already friends! (:
      Thanks for seeing what was hiding under the covers!


  1. Bluesander

    The alliteration in this one…Divine.
    And the last two lines…
    “I almost believe
    I love me.”
    They stood out so much. Meant so much. This is probably my favourite poem of yours so far.

    I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. Please do pass it on if you have the time. (:

    • pivoine68

      Funny, I don’t think all that many other readers noticed the end…or maybe they did, what do I know. Thanks for such a touching comment. (no pun intended!)


  2. AR

    Yay for alliteration! You have to believe you love you, lovely Dawn. Your readers certainly seem to love you.

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