No, This is NOT plagarism!

I love this poem. It has been with me for the longest time. I didn’t write it, but I’d love to say I did because it is so perfectly accurate. I’ve been losing and finding this yellowish page ripped out of a book for so many years…I just wondered if anyone knew who wrote this. 



A dream of rejection

In which you are invited

To only the wrong parties-

& when you arrive

it seems you’ve forgotten your skin

& your mother is there

showing everyone baby pictures.

You still had your skin then!

Why do you feel like an orphan

Flayed alive?

Wherever you go

They admire your smile,

The white-teeth of your wisecracks,

The apple-red cheeks of your laugh.

How can they know that you cry into your hair

& mop the floor?

That you sweep the rug with your lashes?

That you lick the soles of your lover’s feet

to keep them clean?

You always believe he will leave you.

You are always alone.

Even when he lies over you-

A ship plowing

The iceberg edges of your soul,

You are alone

& only the hunger of being in love

appeases your hunger.

Oh orphan

Casting filaments like Whitman’s spiders,

Sending letters to the world on colored paper,

Sending photographs & kisses,

Care packages & carbon copies,

Onion skin-

The only skin you have.


  1. Nick

    I, too, have no idea where it came from.
    Small consolation that Google does not know either, but says five times it is yours!

    • pivoine68

      I’ve been dragging it around for so long it feels sort of like I wrote it, mais non. It’s lovely…I wish I had been the one to lay it down on white paper.


  2. AR

    I would love to know whose it is, if you ever find out. I love the thought of onion skin…so many connotations.

    • pivoine68

      I do too! I think it could be Joyce Carol Oates or Erica Jong. (not sure if I spelled either name right. Oh well) Take care AR!


  3. Bluesander

    I haven’t got a clue as to who might’ve written it…but it’s quite insightful, isn’t it? All these small textures and details working together…I would love to know also who wrote it.
    In any case, my dear Dawn,
    I’ve nominated you for the Creative Chaos award. See here for more details. I hope you pass it on! (:

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