Body Language III


Lovely appendage, the hand
Long, delicate fingers
So agile and self-assured
Each one a small miracle
Filled with limitless possibilities,

Your five-finger special
Stealing what is left
Of my self-control.

Prying, prodding, plunging
Stroking me like a kitten,
Gaining momentum.

I would love
To ride the back side of your
Strong thumb forever
Like the miniature pony I never had
While your curious fingers
Explore me
Searching for weak points
And finding them
Like a set of lost keys
That you lost in your own pocket.

Crafty Water God
Turning all that is solid in me
Into a flowing stream,
Warm tides,
Liquid blessings.

Ghost hand
Like an amputated member
When you are gone
The weight of your hand
The pleasures and the pain
Remain ever-present.


  1. Theo Black

    This is such a light, beautiful descripton. Your images are so concrete, sensual, erotic, without using a single crude word. You make it sound so sweet that I envy a woman’s encounter with these fingers.

    • pivoine68

      I’m flattered! Thank you. The crude word thing is another story…I think I may have difficulty with my next body part. “Dick” sounds so….

      Maybe I’ll chose another part!


  2. Cruel Intentions

    Dawn that you would be my pivoine pinocchio and I your puppeteer… is a though I will hold forever dear.

    You are as beautiful with words as you are in countenance.


  3. pivoine68

    Merci toi! Maybe I’ll write something about “Pivoine Pinocchio.” I like that!
    La beauté est éphémère. I love praise though. You probably already know that.

    Je t’embrasse avec des douces intentions,

  4. AR

    The first verse, I think, is the best. The description of the hand, possibilities, and hope. Very nice.

    • pivoine68

      ….tu parle bien ma langue à moi!
      Je devais chercher “sortilège” parce que je me suis rendu compte que je ne
      savais pas bien ce que ça veut dire….(parfois j’ai l’impression de savoir sans savoir) et oui, tu es dans mes sortilèges. (si j’ai bien compris. (: )

      Je t’envoie un grand baiser,

  5. Gillian Colbert

    Sexy as hell, my dear. Loved this in particular …

    Your five-finger special
    Stealing what is left
    Of my self-control.

    • pivoine68

      Thanks My Gillian,
      As usual, I’m behind in reading…I save you for moments when I can savor every word…and then those moments don’t necessarily present themselves. I’m getting closer to having a French Drivers License though…that must count for something. Or it would if I wasn’t already naturally suicidal! LOL

      Je t’aime à la folie,

  6. Gillian Colbert

    Sweetheart, you make me laugh and give me a heart attack in one breath. I’m here when you have time.

    beaucoup d’amour,


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