Body Language 2


Raspberry stain
Infinitely soft
Surprisingly strong
Smiling sadly.

Ivory dagger
Gnashing and grinding
Biting off more than I can chew.

Chewing-gum rose
Pointy blasphemer
Making sounds
Making me ache.

Expelling air
A Plan B for breathing
Spouting off words
Nouns, adjectives, verbs
Nibbling, suckling, sighing, loving…

The mouth
May very well be
The most Glorious Orifice.


  1. TheOthers1

    Yes. I’ve been thinking about my oral fixation a lot lately. Very nice poem you’ve crafted here.

  2. Theo Black

    Body Language 3 made me search this one out. I’m so impressed with your ability to make the physical so immediate and elegant. This makes me think of lips when I am truly seeing and wnting them. Somehow, your clean, simple lines take me back beneath the thoughts I might have about beautiful lips, to the uncontaminated experience of being taken by the sight of them. “Pointy blasphemer!” Lovely.

  3. taraanderton

    Ow, Ow! Rope Burn on my Tongue!
    That twisted moment when your way out of your element, but you love it anyway……..

    Love your blog and your posts ~ your my type of person…. x

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