Virtual Stimulation

What is missing
In you
That makes you
Relations built on nothing
But words?

Why do you
Such perpetual proof
Of your own physical existence?

Why do you
Being revealed
Via Google Maps
Over and over?

Must you now
Take this obscene game to
A Higher Level?
Contrast of cold metal hand-cuffs on my back
As he violently fucks me
Fast and hard in the ass
Hot wet tears
Streaming down my face.


    • pivoine68

      Oddly, writing doesn’t really help much getting it out sometimes.
      Thanks for always listening, even when I get a bit pathetic around the edges.


  1. lovesexandmarriage

    I’ve avoided commenting on this for a few hours now… I just didn’t know what to say. I still don’t. But it’s beautiful, real, sad, too much yet not enough all at once… **hugs**

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    • pivoine68

      Gillian, you are SO smart! I didn’t even really know you could do that! Thanks for including me in the wave of darkness!

      Darker Dawn

  3. Cruel Intentions

    We create our own little world and hide in its confines.
    We reason with ourselves often harshly seldom kind
    Our judgements of ourselves are thoughts we would not dare to condem another with.
    Yet we do it just the same.
    Treat yourself with the same compassion you would show a stranger who suffers needlessly.
    We are fortunate to live in a time where we can express ourselves so broadly and freely.
    In the little world we have created there is beauty to be found in words so difficult to read.
    The truth of that is found in the words of concern and goodwill you see here.
    Imagine those who bear the same worries and sit alone.

    Little kisses


    • pivoine68

      You’re right…we really are lucky to have a place to share these things freely and to be surrounded by people who understand and even appreciate us! I get so frustrated with my own behavior though, because although I recognize my own errors of judgement, sick habits…. (I really am all too aware) I just seem to continue relentlessly anyway.

      I’m certain that ignorance really must be bliss. Maybe in another life!
      Thanks Cruel.


  4. Foster Drake

    I hardly know how to respond to this brooding darkness. Your descriptions are touching in ways the soul alone knows, my dear. Beautifully rendered. Thank you for sharing


  5. Cruel Intentions

    Dawn Recognizing our bad habits and trying to stop ourselves from repeating bad behaviour is like cutting a branch from a prickly bush and hoping it won’t grow back.
    To completely free ourselves of the agravation of bad habits like the prickly bush they both must be cut at the root.

    The root of suffering is ego, the knife is primordal wisdom.


    • pivoine68

      …but how to cut our own ego? I have a problem with this in yoga as well.
      There is no other choice but to keep on keeping on. Maybe at some point I will cut my own root with my own knife. Or not. Thanks Cruel.


  6. sexuallifeofawife

    Very dark poem (but you knew that anyway!) Just by virtue of being human we have egos… In a yoga class you can maybe gently persuade the ego not to be so ‘proud’ but that goes against lots of social conditioning. Its not easy ; )

    • pivoine68

      It sure isn’t. I just get tired of my own shit sometimes. I don’t just look for trouble, I go begging on my knees for it. It makes no sense. I don’t get it.

      I’m happy you are back amongst us, your Blog Friends from Hell! 🙂


  7. Claire Elaine Graves

    So glad you’re continuing with this project. It’s so passionate, light or dark it’s always provocative, and something, i think you were meant to do. Thanks for sharing! (i don’t think you should hesitate to post anything.;)

  8. Theo Black

    I found this accidentally, looking for BL IV. This is so much about you and the rest of us at the same time. Sweet and deep.

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