Dude Magnet-Extended Club Version

     Where was I? Now I wish that I had written this when the whole evening was clearer to me. Now it will be polluted with my own shit. (guilt, shame, you know what I’m talking about.) In “Dude Magnet,” I was thinking there was a major correlation between alcohol and sex for me. The more I think about that, I’ve decided it’s not always true. I didn’t drink between the ages of 17 and 21. Those were big club years, one-night stand years, unprotected sex years. Not The Best Years of My Life, but almost. Certainly the years where I was getting laid the most. Before that, in high school, I noticed how when I was drunk (and I was a lot) more guys seemed to want me than otherwise. I always thought, “I would be with you anyway, idiot.” But I loved to party and the two activities seemed to go well together, drinking and fucking around. Treatment centers have always been a place where I could fall in lust quite easily too though and usually no one is drinking in those places. I’m getting off track. Meanwhile, back at the farm…

It was my friend’s birthday party Saturday. First we had a lovely meal at her house, drank a bit and then let the men know that they were not invited to come out with us. Mine was at home already so that made no difference to me. We got a reserved table at the club where we go sometimes. There were two empty seats left that were soon filled by two guys. It was at a point where my group was coming and going, coat check, smoking outside. This is when Dude Magnet makes her appearance. Like Super Man, she is transformed instantly. My friends don’t appreciate this aspect of my personality much. I think it’s because I seem fragile to others, which I am and then again I’m not. No one takes advantage of me. I am a heavy drinker which means that I can certainly drink your ass under the table and still have most of my faculties about me. I don’t need to be looked after. I am well aware of men’s intentions for me in situations like this….and I like that. It is empowering to me. I’ve never been the kind of girl who can not kiss on a first date or refuses someones advances if I am enjoying them. I don’t see the point. Why would I deny myself? (The fact that I am married has toned that down some. Less lately.)

So as my friends are getting themselves settled in, the two guys are on it, immediately. Being foreign makes you more interesting to people and gives them an easy subject for conversation. French women as a whole are colder in appearance than Americans. I am exceptionally warm even for an American. My French husband hates this about me because he thinks that I give the wrong impression to men. He is probably right about that. On the dance floor one of my table neighbors began something like exploratory surgery of my ass. This continued throughout the entire evening. He wasn’t the only one. I was felt up by the random masses and it was so fucking arousing to me that I can’t find any accurate or articulate way to describe it. Mainly always from behind but with one very tall and handsome, he was holding me in his arms and it was like fucking fully clothed. His breath on my neck was making me feel completely crazy. Melting. He would dance with me and then stop abruptly and dance with this other women. I asked if she was his girlfriend. He said no but retrospectively I understand their game. At least some couples had good, hard sex later that night!  I kept on being ushered off the dance floor by my girlfriends…they are really protective of me. I don’t need to be protected though. I need a serious fucking. Voilà!


  1. TheOthers1

    ah. would it be terrible if i admitted I was in need of a serious (what’s a tamer way to say that?) . . . bedroom gymnastics? the likelihood of that happening is slim to none though. I wouldn’t mind a nice dance. Setting my expectations kinda low here. Way to go, dude magnet. 🙂

    • pivoine68

      LOL! I like the f word. It’s so….accurate! I’m not really a dude magnet though. I’m a faux dude magnet! My likelihood is maybe even slimmer than yours. I’m just hoping it happens again before menapause. (now THAT is an offensive word!)

  2. Jane

    Wow Dawn !!! I can’t wait till the next chapter. I wish I had a lap top so I could carry my computer upstairs. I love the picture too. I hope that is you.

  3. Gillian Colbert

    I hear you … I too feel like I have a split personality. I can really “turn on” that persona at times … though there’s no touching … but I’m usually feeling really confident when that happens.

    • pivoine68

      So maybe we are evil Schizophrenic Twins! I’m not sure if there is confidence before or after this kind of thing happens though. it definitely builds up though. Take care My Gillian!


  4. Nick

    I just *so* want to be at the bar when you hot women (including LS&M) finally go out together! Those poor men just won’t know what hit them!

  5. Foster Drake

    There is a great arousal in being noticed and appreciated. I have no doubt you will receive the warm rewards of your wishes, dearest Dawn!


  6. lovesexandmarriage

    Dawn… You make me want to go out and have a girl’s night… It’s been way too long (like years long)! M didn’t come home the other night until 10 am… I’m thinking he owes me a night out at the club — without him! I hope you get that “serious fucking” soon!

    • pivoine68

      I’m ready when you are! I hope I get that most serious, tension relieving, animal instinct kind of ….dare I say, pounding? that I feel I deserve! Lol

      Take care!

  7. Hyacinth

    You call it “Dude Magnet,” I call it mojo, so good for you!

    Also, you might think of your selective mojo in a half-full sort of way. Now, I’m not saying I’m anything special — AT ALL — but men always look past what I’m saying to my tits or ass. I could make a paper bag look slutty, and that’s not cool, trust me. I’d love to blend in more.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, Dawn. I’d never guess a tall, slender woman would ever feel insecure about her looks because I’d love to be 4″ taller and 30 lbs lighter. Just proves we all have our things 🙂

    Also, sorry you didn’t get a good rogering that night. I definitely know how that feels.

    • pivoine68

      I love “mojo” too! Body image issues come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I guess no one ever looks at my tits because I’m pretty much titless and as for my ass, I don’t really know since it’s behind me! LOL Thanks for taking the time to read my post…

      I’m sorry I didn’t get rogerd as well! I like that word!

      Take care,

  8. Accidental Masturbator

    I’ve long considered a drink to be a bit like a pint of courage, though I suspect you might hold your liquor a little better than I. And I’m not sure I’d have ended the evening as “well behaved” had I been in your position.
    Either way, I feel your pain – I’d love a really good, hard, hot, sweaty, no holds (or holes) bared fucking right now. Let’s hope be both get a good seeing to some time very soon!

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