L’Effet Foster

Memoirs of an unusually Self-Absorbed Altruistic Hedonist 

Desire rolls in from beneath me
Thick like tar on a smoldering country road
Fogs up my windshield
Pulls me over and stops near my Heart-strings
Up north to the Cerebral Highway
Always beckoning me to Pleasure Basin
Where I want you to find me.

Like Lewis
Or Clark
An exploratory voyage
Gathering information
Geographical facts
On my hills
Babbling brook….

Your map a reflection of me
In my own pond.

Pilgrim Soul you are,
A Pioneer Spirit
Discovering beauty
False or true
In the most unlikely place.


  1. Foster Drake

    Ah, my dear. You make me long to write. You make me long to share. You stir in me a passion that I wish to beam back upon you in radiant gratitude, and I shall. I shall post something at once, in your honor


    • pivoine68

      Thank you! I can never make the spaces work…when I write initially, it works on the preview and then when I actually post it, it moves around. Computers are great but I find it all SO frustrating sometimes. Not enough to learn more about how to make them work though…I have other stuff on my mind. LOL

    • pivoine68

      Thank you! I don’t know if I am the unique responsible though. It’s Foster, he brings out something….(wet?) incredible in me. He makes me need to write to get it out of my perverted little system! LOL

      Have a good Monday!

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