Indian Giving

Je veux

I want to be a little brown mouse

and live in your house a while

to see how you live and how you have changed.

I want to smell the place behind your ears

and run my fingers through your hair.

I want to hear the sound you make

when you’re coming in a long, hot stream in the back of my throat.

I want to feel my legs wrapped around your waist

as you’re hammering me

like a beautiful painting you want to hang on your wall.

I want to feel your pointy tongue caressing most

all of me.

I want to taste your left ball

In order to know if the right would be jealous.

I want to be your fuck doll

With beautiful, expressive eyes

Scarlet red mouth

Pursed in a permanent obscene « O ».

Always waiting to receive you.

I want to feel your long, graceful fingers

Entering me one by one, you naming them,

In French and in English

Slowly turning in expert fashion
Tight fist firmly held in walls of flesh.

I want you in my ass

Searching for ways to make it work

In my mouth

Cuming and groaning for hours.

Dans mon être.


    • pivoine68

      You could always wear a (?) galabiyaa. Gives you more room to store your stuff!
      Maybe Arab men are always erect and no one know it. ??? Questions to ponder upon.
      Glad you liked my poetry.

  1. Gillian Colbert

    Damn!!! This particular line got me “I want to hear the sound you make/when you’re coming in a long, hot stream in the back of my throat.”

    Oh, the sounds men make *shivers and goosebumps*

    • pivoine68

      Me too! Sex is the most sensual thing I can think of. Every sense is put to use. In a way I think sounds and smells are more arousing to me than what I see but then again…it’s a package deal! When (if) I look, it’s pretty stirring as well. More for men maybe.

  2. Foster Drake

    Your words are stirring. It causes me to wonder what sensation you experience when writing these words? I can only imagine. I find the formation of art in itself to be fulfilling, and the indulgence of such thoughts surely must provoke something deep inside you. Lovely


    • pivoine68

      Thank you Foster.

      This is not all that romantic, but you asked. When these words are in my head, it’s like the physical feeling when your tongue starts to sweat and you are quite sure that you are about to throw-up. The words just keep coming up the back of my throat and the only way to relieve myself seems to be to write them down and then share them. In a notebook, it all stays in my stomach. So it’s like a mental/emotional, “I think I’m gonna be sick.” feeling.

      Once I’ve written it down and thrown my bottle into the sea, my own words stir me as well. I’m kind of surprised at the power of my own feelings.

      Have a good Sunday.


      • Foster Drake

        What a thoughtful and descriptive reply. That is a unique way of explaining it, and I believe I can relate. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and expound upon your process. It is inspiring to understand you


  3. samdolan

    Some people don’t believe that a “rough hard fuck” can be “beautiful” nor can be called “making love”.

    I think you do.

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