Indian Giving II


I need to feel

Your ever so appetizing


Filling me to the core.

When it can go no farther

I need to clutch your ass firmly

Pull you in more until you are

Nearly touching my Heart

My Soul

My Essence.

I need you

To flip me over like a paper-doll

Opening more


Thrusting violently

One hand on my ass

The other on my trigger


I need you

To take me where I never go

With anyone but myself.

I am so tired of being alone.


    • pivoine68

      See, you’re French is getting better every day! I love “fans self” which I do frequently!
      Lesson of the day. LOL=Mdr, mort de rire: die laughing. Now you can write French textos, although
      teenage language changes so quickly and since I don’t have kids….maybe that is already passé. It’s the
      thought that counts, or so they say.
      I hope you are having a good weekend.

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