Nod (näd)

Her mind can’t seem to stay in place

Keeps wanderin’, driftin’, crawlin’ off

To a warm secluded place

With him.

Her thoughts are overflowing

With his mouth, crimson-red lips brushing the back of her neck

Hot breath on her shoulder

Teeth sharp and playful

Guttural, animal sounds

Echoing in her ears.

Her generous ass firmly gripped

In his beautiful hands, long articulate fingers

Caressing her softly

Diving into her in hot, forceful strokes

Plunging into the deepest places in her.

Her pleasure is so intense

Conjuring up this image of their bodies

She feels flush, tingling.

At night on her way to sleep

Little guilty noises accidentally escape her

And the impossibility of it all

Doesn’t seem to bring her back to reason

So she just keeps on



Crawlin’ off.


    • pivoine68

      I kept on typing it the way I wanted it over and over and it kept going back to that format once posted. I wrote it on Open Office first and then pasted it on there but….pas de chance! Thanks for the tip. Maybe I’ll do it over again.

      Extemely autobiographical!

      • Gillian Colbert

        Coming from Open Office try using the Paste from Word option. They have same underlying base programming.

      • Gillian Colbert

        Yes, you can change your theme and keep all your blog content. You may lose your widgets though (archives, etc) and have to reassign them. Just make a note of which ones you use before you activate a new theme.

  1. Gillian Colbert

    Absolutely lovely. The writing is lush and sensual. Well done!

    Of course I can totally relate to the lines … “Her mind can’t seem to stay in place/Keeps wanderin’, driftin’, crawlin’ off” but for completely different reasons .. I’m just losing mine 😉

    • pivoine68

      Thank you for the compliment. You can’t loose your mind Gillian, you are My Official Blogging Fairy Godmother! There’s nothing you can do about it now…you’re stuck with me! lol Are you ok?

      • Gillian Colbert

        You’re too sweet! Yeah, I’m pretty good, busy, overwhelmed and pulled in 15 different directions … hence the losing my mind comment 😉

        Thanks for asking.

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